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Sessions: Sessions are scheduled 1 hour, once a week. In each session, we will review your progress, make any adjustments, plan next steps, and go over questions and concerns. I make sure to provide you with clear information that you can use in your everyday life which you will ultimately begin to use without realizing you're doing it. With regular sessions, you will feel the difference and the people around you will see it and start to wonder "what's your secret?" The secret is within you, my goal is to provide tools and training to make it stand out and shine!

Workshops: Workshops differ from my one-on-one sessions as they offer a great way to explore new styles and deepen existing practices with other clients. Typically, I tend to see more progress made during and after these sessions because as a group, everyone bounces ideas off of each other, essentially creating your own community of supporters. Workshops are done quarterly and slots are limited to first come, first serve.

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