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Zen Ase Studio is a spiritually guided yoga and meditation wellness and coaching studio. I’m KayCee, owner, trainer, and coach. I’m a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Yoga Trapeze Trainer, Certified Meditation Coach, and Certified Mindfulness Coach. My mission is to help people better themselves and their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally one day at a time using meditative techniques, chakra balancing and cleansing techniques, beginner mat based yoga techniques, and yoga trapeze techniques. If you’re looking for ways to improve your balance, look no further! I provide individualized services to help you get on track.

  • Physical Balance: I’ve put together a system of strengthening and core and flexibility building techniques aided by usage of the Yoga Trapeze® and breath training to build physical balance.
  • Mental and Emotional Balance: I’ve studied Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and meditation to put together balancing techniques to build your mental and emotional wellness.
  • Spiritual Balance: I’ve created techniques to aid in energy cleansing and balancing and manifestation, along with unifying the balanced mind and body to bring you spiritual balance and wellness.
  • Professional Balance: I’ve put together a system of tools and activities to help you manage your professional life. No matter what level within the employment industry you are in, we could all use some coaching and redirecting.

Furthermore, I provide support and exclusive workshops, even after you’ve completed your package; so you know that you have a coach for life! Book your FREE* consultation today and let's get you on track to the best version of you. Face life's challenges head on with strength, renewed confidence, clarity, and balance.

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